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Nome: Rosiane Correa
E-mail: g_rosiane@yahoo.com.br
Cidade: Brasilia
Estado: DF
Comentário: Mensagem: Parabéns Michel!!! Você é um sucesso!! Sempre comandando a noite né...É isso aí. Beijo grande. Vou indicar a rádio para todos meus amigos aqui em Brasília. Sua rádio será ouvida na Câmara Federal

Nome: Egor Miliukov
E-mail: egop1978@megabox.ru
Cidade: Ulyanovsk
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello! My name Egor Miliukov, I the biggest fan of your radio station, I listen to you through the satellite aerial or web, I like all at you - news, music, programs, it is visible as your collective well and harmoniously works, I only and listen to you and I tell to the friends, and I have to you a request - could send me your promotional materials, souvenirs with your logo which could remind and warm the heart memoirs on your radio station. With the best regards

Nome: Mr. Sabirov
Cidade: Sevastopol
País: Ukraine
Comentário: I very great fan of you. And I like it. If you don't very hinder, please send via post your promotional merchandise and pens, pins, stickers, candy, magnets, t-shirt, souvenirs with your radio logo. Very look and feel like part of your culture, here in Ukraine. Very grateful for that!

Nome: Olesya Krylova
E-mail: expertmania@hotmail.com
Cidade: Verhnyaya Pyshma
País: Russia
Comentário: HI! My name is Olesya Krylova. I love your radio station I listen via the Internet! I am a true fan of creative DJs, music and programs. I really love your country, and listening to your radio, I drown in your life and the world. Thank you for this! I get mad dream of souvenirs with the logo of your radio! I very much hope that you will realize my dream! Thanks!

Nome: Gennadiy Fedotov
Cidade: KAZAN
Comentário: Hello!My name is Gennadiy, me of 13 years. I live in Russia. I am a big fan of your-radio.Mne like selection of translated material, style and image of the filing of its presenters. I would be pleased to any souvenirs with your logo, autographs of leading, or other promo-materials. Thank you!

Nome: Adriana Braga
E-mail: amsbraga@hotmail.com
Cidade: Ribeirao Preto
Estado: SP
Comentário: Oi Michel, adorei, muito legal, bjs e parabéns!!!!

Nome: Nisht Maria
Cidade: Belarus
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello, I want to express my respect! My name is Mary, I am a school teacher of computer science. My children have created a small museum. We collect information on radio around the world. In class, we conduct seminars and competitions. As a result of which I bestowed upon children's prizes. My class and I love to listen to the radio. Without it, we do not live! Me and my children do not have consistent access to the Internet to find complete information about yourself. Children with a big advantage for themselves to review the information in printed form. If you have a chance, please give children a small gift as a keepsake from you: pens, books, key rings, badges, t-shirts, hats, bags - At your discretion. You can help us collect new information? We look forward to your reply. We hope for your help! You can help us to gather new information. Here's my address:

Nome: Yuriy Korneev
E-mail: y.korneev@yandex.ru
Cidade: Kotovsk
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello! My name is Yuriy Korneev. I am a big fan of your radio. I listen to you online (web). Your program is the best in the world! The staff is professional and united! You are best! I have to ask you: please send me your promotional materials. They will always remind me of you. I'll be happy to see them constantly

Nome: Valeriy
Cidade: Sankt-Petesburg
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello. My name is Valeriy, I live in Russia in Sankt-Peterburg. I recently found on the Internet e-mail your station and decided to write you a letter. I love to listen to various radio stations in our town home and at work. My favorite station, Radio Rock, Radio Hit, Russkoe Radio and Radio Zenit. I want to ask you to send me by e-mail materials to your city and your radio to learn more about you. It would be very pleased to receive your brochures, pamphlets, magazines and booklets with information. If possible i will be very happy to get a T-shirt with your logo size XL, if not then can you have the badges with your logo and a USB Flash Drive with your music software. I hope that my small request will not be very burdensome to you. I look forward to your reply.

Nome: Vladimir
E-mail: vladimir.niko@yahoo.com
Cidade: Volgograd
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello dear friends! My name is Vladimir, I live in the city of Volgograd in Russia. I represent the interests of the children's school broadcasting center. In our center involved 23 children aged 9 to 13 years. The main objective of our center - encouraging children to be creative and radio, as well as minimize the potential adverse impact of negative factors of the society. Currently, we are creating in our center, a small museum dedicated radio channels and radio stations around the world. We will be very grateful to you for any information about your organization, and any items with the logo of your organization (badges, postcards, autographs, and lead staff, souvenirs), which we gladly handed over the children - members of our center. My address is: Vladimir Lukin, Anri Barbusa, 8-13, Volgograd, Russia, 400081. Thank you in advance for your help! Good luck in deeds! Very truly yours, Vladimir!

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