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Nome: Olesya Krylova
E-mail: expertmania@hotmail.com
Cidade: Verhnyaya Pyshma
País: Russian Federation
Comentário: Good day! I love your radio! I am a true and loyal fan of your radio for 3 years. Your radio is very helpful to me in learning the language, thank you very much! But unfortunately, I can listen to it only on the Internet. Could you please send your promotional materials, promotional brochures and souvenirs? I really want to have your radio was closer to me!

Nome: Nildo rodrigues amaral junior
E-mail: vatapa_fb@hotmail.com
Cidade: Belém
Estado: PA
País: Brasil
Comentário: Olá,sou um grande fã da radio! gosto muito do estilo e do genero.Gostaria de saber,como eu faço pra conseguir essas musicas?? tipo,tem algum lugar que possa fazer download?? ou ganhar um cd com essas musicas? abraço pra todos da MAXIMA FM

Nome: Vladimir Minin
E-mail: nigilist@idz.ru
Cidade: Izhevsk
País: Russia
Comentário: I'm a member of Izhevsk Radio comunity and the employee of museum of radio, Minin Vladimir. We plan to organize a museum and collect everything related to Radio. You are the brightest part of modern radio. If possible, could you send for us some words or information about your radio and its history and advertisment material (something with your labels) This thing would be very valuable for us. Thank you for your help. Post adress: Minin Vladimir

Nome: Anton Novikov
E-mail: chesterkiller666@gmail.com
Cidade: Bendery
Comentário: Hello, I really love your radio! Please send me your promotional products and stuff with your logo.

Nome: Daria Varaksina
E-mail: darja564@mail.ru
Cidade: Novokuznetsk
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello radio! My name is Daria, I'm from Russia, nowadays in spite of that I listen to your radio! My love to your radio began like - I just stayed home and did not know what would have to do, and I have found on the Internet program that lets you listen to radio stations from around the world, I was very interested, because a new music, besides a real opportunity to learn a language simply by listening to the radio! A knowledge of foreign languages to me all the more very useful, because my future profession - a social and cultural service and tourism! And then I started to listen to a lot of radio stations that were in the lists, many of them I did not like, and I included your radio! Since then, I only listen to it (it's already over 2 years), I so love your radio and the music that you heard that now every day I listen to it especially in the morning, it shall make me a huge charge of cheerfulness for the entire day! I would like to tell you thank you very much for your wo rk, because you make life a little happier, giving a charge of vivacity and good mood! And at the end of my letter, I would like to ask you to send me a free autographs throughout your team radio hosts, unless of course it does not make you much trouble, but I will take it a real pleasure! My address - Russia, the city of Novokuznetsk, ul Thorez 56 flat 39, postal code 654059. But even if you do not have the possibility to send me your autograph, I will still be your listener, and once again I tell you, many thanks for your work! Yours Daria!

Nome: Andrey Pryalkov
E-mail: Andrey.Pryalkov@yandex.ru
Cidade: Severodvinsk
País: Russian Federation
Comentário: Hello, My name is Pryalkov Andrey I work on machine-building the enterprise. After job I switch on the Internet and I listen to various foreign radio. Unfortunately I can't leave abroad what will take pleasure in culture and beauty of the different countries. Therefore I simply like to listen to good music on radio stations. I estimate them and I choose the best for myself. Recently I have listened to your radio station and it was pleasant to me! It is really healthy! I hope that I will not offend you the request and it will be not difficult to you to send me brochures about your radio station and gifts about kind people from for borders, which unfortunately to me not when not to see. I will wait very much from you for the letter. Many thanks, Pryalkov Andrey

Nome: Igor Cherepanov
E-mail: 4ymeiko@gmail.com
Cidade: Tutaev
País: Russia
Comentário: Hello! I from Russia! I live in a small town Tutaev. I adore your radio station! Always I am on your wave! You do not allow to me to become bored for a minute. With your radio station my life becomes not such sulphur and is filled with bright paints. All it thanks to the best in the world leader of your radio station! Thanks for your work! My dream to receive your autograph (or a small souvenir;) which I could show to the friends.

Nome: Rene Maekawa
E-mail: renemaekawa@gmail.com
Comentário: parabens parabens parabens o melhor som que ja tinha ouvido na vida somente o "fino", o que há de melhor!!! parabens gostaria de dar uma sugestão, caso nao incomode voces!!!! seria possivel colocar a relação de musicas que tocam ou tocaram obrigado!!!!

Nome: Default
E-mail: andre.vitebsk@mail.ru
Cidade: Vitebsk
País: Belarus
Comentário: Hello, I Bolken fan of your radio, always listen to it through the Internet. I really like your program, leading and music that your DJ put, thank you for what you have. Could you send me souvenirs from your radio, I am very grateful. Thank you.

Nome: Zinchuk
E-mail: zinchukyuliya@yandex.ru
Cidade: Kiev
País: Ukraine
Comentário: Hello! My name is Yuliya and I am 14 years old. I love to listen to the radio. Once I participated in the quiz and received a gift from the radio. And I have passion. I began to collect various gifts, promotional gifts from the radio. So I appeal to you - can you give me on your radio gift for my collection. I will be very happy!

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